Mex Skull Rosees Shirt

Mex Skull Rosees Shirt


Blusa con estampado estilo mexicano made in California. Para vestir tu lado más rock.

Una mezcla de tejidos extraordinarios que le da un tacto y una comodidad excepcional.

85% viscose - 15% cool

One color only

RudeRiders apparel is a blend of American biker fashion with European flair.
It is like a journey down a dusty, American, road on a vintage Harley;
followed by an adventurous travel of the Alps.

RudeRiders embraces style, emotion, and a zest for living!Created and designed by people who love bikes and live life with heart and passion, RudeRiders celebrates your unique spirit with its combined vintage, yet modern designs.

RudeRiders apparel helps to express who you want to be on the open road.

Only real passion!RudeRiders is without compromise and strives to continue to create products for those who live life to the fullest.

Ride free!

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rude riders en cupid killer boutique
rude riders en cupid killer boutique